Monday, January 14

: Cassiem OK'd to Resume Practice

Good news from campus today. Cassiem Drummond's stress fracture in his ankle has recovered and he has been cleared to return to practice.

Jay Wright...

"Cas worked extremely hard in rehab to maintain his conditioning. We will
monitor his progress on the practice court this week and make a judgment on when
he returns to the lineup."


emily said...

YES! this is the best news i've heard about nova in a really long time. if he can make a speedy recovery, maybe we'll actually start winning again! So far this season has been a heartbreaking disappointment.

Scottie Reynolds Fan Club said...

Nice. bringing it before the 'Nova Nation Bulletin Board and the rest of the Blogosphere!

SouthJerseyNovaCat said...

sorry it took so long to subscribe to your RSS Feed. Good stuff.