Thursday, January 10

: Vintage Villanova Nike Dunks to be Re-Released

Nike is re-releasing a vintage version of their Dunk High line from 1985. According to, eight schools are part of the "Be True to Your School" series and the shoes will be re-released over the next month with their retro logo.

Look for the Villanova Dunks to be released on January 12th.

Other schools in the series include Michigan, UNLV, Kentucky, Georgetown, St. Johns, Syracuse, Iowa.
January 10th Update sent an email to our friends in Beaverton to get an inside scoop. These "athletic shoes" are only available to stores/shops that have "Tier Zero" accounts with Nike. In another words, very select stores will be getting them. Expect to pay top dollar for them. But if you're a True Villanova fan, it shouldn't matter.


McGuire Hall said...

This is awesome. I'm a sneakerhead and these are perfect. But I don't know if I like the "vintage" scruffiness of them.

miketown said...

These won't be easy to find...