Friday, March 14

: Bubble Watch

With Villanova sitting squarely atop The Bubble, here is a quick peak at who 'Nova Fans are rooting for and against.

Big Ones
Xavier to win the A-10
Memphis to win C-USA
Michigan State over Ohio State
Vanderbilt over Arkansas
UNC over Florida ST
Miami over Virginia Tech
Kent State to win
BYU or UNLV to win the Mountain West

Other Helpers
Pitt to win
Texas over Oklahoma State
Alabama over Mississippi State
Kansas State to lose
Kentucky to lose


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

As of 5:15 PM here's what we have. + is good for nova. - is bad for nova. 0 is neutral

0 Xavier yet to play
+ Memphis up 8
+ Michigan State beat Ohio State
- Vanderbilt down 2 to Arkansas
+ UNC beat Florida State
- Virginia Tech crushed Miami (FL)
0 Kent State yet to play
0 BYU and UNLV yet to play


Anonymous said...

Stupid Vandy...