Wednesday, April 16

: Okwandu to UConn

Charles Okwandu, the 7'1" Nigerian center from Harcum JC, has made an oral commitment to UConn today according to the Hartford Courant. A signed letter of intent is expected within a week.

Okwandu is the 2nd Jay Wright recruiting target to sign elsewhere today.


Anonymous said...

In all honesty this loss hurts more than Tyreke. Guards we have a plenty. We need a real center. I love Caseem in there and hope he can fit the bill while Jay works on getting the next big thing to VU.

DJ said...

I don't think that Okwandu is regarded as being in Tyreke's class as a prospect. I hear he is pretty raw but has potential. But I agree with you that it would have been nice to get him.

I have a feeling that Connecticut has a better reputation for dealing with big men and perhaps that may have been an influence in his decision.

Our "Guard U" reputation may be a double edged sword. While it helps us recruit quality guards we seem to have trouble attracting quality big men.

I wonder if it would not be beneficial to search out the junior college ranks to see if their is a player who can help us for the coming season. It is getting late in terms of the number of quality players left unsigned from the high school ranks.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if he was offered a 'ship by Jay, or if he was outrecruited by Calhoun.

Anonymous said...

Have we ever looked for ju co players before? With admissions standards becoming tighter, would some of them make it in anyway?

We do need big men. I think Jay needs to look beyond the Top 100 for an "unpolished gem"