Tuesday, April 22

: Scottie to Stay

It's official. Scottie Reynolds will be back for his Junior year according to Goodman On Fox.


Anonymous said...

Scottie will be a 4-year starter.

todd said...

I can't believe I'm saying this, because I thought last year that Scottie had no shot of leaving college early, but if he runs the point for a full season next year as effectively as he did late this season, he can be a first round pick next year. He will never be a lottery pick because of his size and lack of athleticism, but if he proves that he can consistently run a team, make good decisions, and limit turnovers, he can succeed in the NBA.

Last year and most of this year he just looked like an undersized gunner who could score. At the end of a year, he showed playmaking abilities that I wasn't convinced he had. Let's hope he continues to improve in that regard for his sake and the team's.

dan said...

I wasn't really worried. But now I am at ease!