Thursday, January 31

: Take A Peek At The Refs

There were some questionable calls in last night's game with Pitt. So tried to see if any "inpartial" referees were showing a bias against Villanova. The entire spreadsheet is available on the VUhoops Google Group.

Here is a quick look at our records when certain Refs are working. 'Nova is 3-0 when Ed Corbett is reffing (1st Pitt, LSU, & Stony Brook).

The Wildcats are 1-3 with John Cahill. He was in stripes for our losses to Rutgers, DePaul and last night to Pittsburgh (he also worked the Temple game). He is the only ref to officiate more than 1 of our losses.

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greyCat said...

Interesting look. I have been tracking Villanova's referees (game by game) for about 3 years now. If there is something noteworthy about the reffing in the Pitt game it is that fouls called for Villanova with this particular crew fell below the standard deviation for fouls call in road games. Individuals will have a "good" record (won-loss) one season and a "bad" record the next. The Wildcats were 4-2 with Cahill last season for example, and 6-1 the season before. But in all three (2005-06, 2006-07 and so far in 2007-08...) Cahill has worked with crews that call (using a normal distribution) an "average" to "above average" number of fouls during the game.

Nice spreadsheet by the way.